Monday, 21 April 2014

Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

There are many articles that discuss about how to increase traffic to your blog / website. Each has a different way of remembering that experience is not the same from each of Blogger / Webmaster. On this occasion a little slice will share insights and experiences about the efforts to raise blog traffic.

Traffic is much more complex than the number of pageviews, despite efforts to increase almost the same. Traffic analysis blog used as a blog / website as a whole to know many things, from the level of visitors (visitors), page view, up trends that were prevailing. Traffic is the main purpose of the various businesses who do bloggers / webmasters. Therefore, this article will be quite long: p, although the point is 10 summarizes the key points of business increase blog traffic.

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Is Traffic Blog / Website That?
Traffic blog / website is the amount of data being sent / received visitors from / to a blog / website. Traffic was determined from the number of visitors and the number of pages that visit. Blog / website uses this data to determine the traffic that comes and goes (incoming and outgoing traffic), any page that most visited (popular), a topic that became a trend everywhere, as well as determine the level of visitors and the popularity of your blog / website as a whole. This data is then used to evaluate the structure of your blog / website, specify the topic, see the weaknesses, and so on.

So, traffic blog / website is much more than just an indicator of the blog crowd. If we can utilize traffic data well, we can fix a lot of things and continue to increase the traffic. One of traffic analysis service of the most well known of course is Alexa. We can see the conditions of your blog / website in terms of number of visitors, reach, page view, search, visitor demographics, search trends, bounce rate, etc.. Other traffic analysis service which is more complex and has a deep analysis is Google Analytics.

Tips on Increasing & Maintaining Traffic
Ways to increase blog traffic very much. Each has advantages and disadvantages of their own. I submit the following tips which includes organic ways and (sorry) I do not load the ways super short like a link scheme, traffic exchange, spamming, until referrer spam links abomination search engines and visitors as well as harmful while only generating traffic. In addition, I have never put it into practice. Ways below is also a part of how to improve the blog page view.

1. The Content is king, so prior to publication and promotion-focused blog and its contents, prepare everything carefully. Fill with quality content and not deceptive / confusing visitors. Give visitors which means the article. Despite sharing a personal experience, if there is a value (value) for visitors, then he will look like as well as other articles-peek.

2. Ensure the content unique, original, updated, and up to date. Unique and original content to have a great chance of retaining visitors to return again see the next article updates. Never fill a blog with articles Copas, because it can reduce the level of confidence of visitors to the blog and its author. Updated means that the content in the blog is always updated, visitors love new things, especially if they have subscribed to. While up to date means content & blogs still continue to have continuity with the present (not stale). Learn tips more in the way Google Facing Fresh (Panda Update).

3. Learn trending topic or topics that much loved visitors. The easiest way is to evaluate your own blog, article about which one of the most visited. See a theme / niche of the article, learned, added and developed in other articles.

4. Diligent blogwalking give effect to the blog traffic. But there are things that need to be considered. When commenting, must not say "go behind ya!", Or just leaving the url or link blog only. That way, the effect is not large, it will only give a bad impact on the credibility of the blog. Fill with quality comments on topic, read the article completely. As the identity of the commentator, simply leave blog link with anchor text name / identity clearly in place. Make the blog owner interested and want to know who and how your blog buddy.

5. Maximize the use of social media. Social media is now the biggest promotional tool. Introduce blogs and content through social media. Share the link blog / article. For example, use auto publish articles to Facebook. For more leverage and strengthen the brand created a blog with a Facebook Page, Google+ Page, Twitter account, LinkedIn, Orkut, etc.. Be active on social media by creating a direct communication, bids, idea / ideas, brief news, etc.. Do not just share a link blog / article. Check out more tips to increase traffic through Facebook.

6. Use social media tools to share on the blog. Visitors who liked the blog articles can easily find tools that can be used to share content / blog to their favorite social media. Examples of social share widgets are: Facebook Like Box, Facebook Like Button, Follow Button, Tweet Button, Google +1 Button, buttons and other widgets share. Content that is always on the share has a significant effect tehadap traffic.

7. Structure of the blog is very influential in increasing pageviews. Visitors who saw bids from other content attention effect on increasing pageviews and bounce rate reduction. Use internal linking and deep linking and menacing navigatif widgets (menu). Check out more tips on improving pageview article.

8 Create a brand and credibility of blogs and self-pal. Branding has a big effect for visitors. A brand that looks unique and will give the impression imprinted in the memories of visitors even though they are not intentionally recorded in memory. One of the efforts is to create visual branding with a logo image blog. So, create a unique logo blog so that visitors can recognize it as a blog buddy when he saw it. Create other unique identifier, for example in the article speaking style, unique ideas, insights, etc.. Secondly, the credibility of both will make visitors impressed. Arose as self-pal and as a blog owner who credible. Do not hide. Although my friend uses a pseudonym, at least show my friend there as the owner of the blog. Write "about me" for information about yourself buddy. Confidence is very important for the visitors.

9. Spread disseminated through articles blogs and social bookmarking sites to promote your blog through blog directories. Both of them not only as a media link building in SEO alone. Maximize as a means of promotion articles & Blog. Create a title and description illuminating and interesting.

10. The cutting edge of traffic maximal blog is easy and content found on search engines. As we know, the search engines (especially Google) is the largest source of traffic that we can not ignore it. That is why webmasters / bloggers flocked compete to increase SEO for your blog / web them. Perform SEO efforts that maximum. Learn how to improve SEO and other SEO tips.

An important point of the above 10 tips are venture that is constantly and does not stop. As with SEO, monitor and care for the blog is a blogger activity which is done routinely. If done denmikian, undoubtedly to increase blog traffic and maintained. Blog then by itself can exist in the virtual world for a long time.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

V naturaliter ad eliminare Acne cicatrices , DEH Lorem ipsum !

Fuit diu carere acne cicatrices. Solet etiam mensibus anni accipere possunt penitus euanescant acne cicatrices . Acne cicatrices cum nocte , ut non auferat , sunt naturaliter tolli potest eligere acne cicatrices. Hic dicitur, in V mores impetro rid of acne vulnera naturae te .

I . CITRUM sucus Aqua
Maxime probata CITRUM sucus et acne curatio acne cicatrices. Omnes opus est in campestribus CITRUM sucus aut aqua miscere aequalia. Et , uti mixta munda tuo . XV ad XX minutes Exspecta igitur faciem tuam lava penitus. CITRUM acida in faciem tuam, et quia aqua siccata, mundans potest circa hanc faciem dui aliquam .

II . Nitro,
II et II teaspoons teaspoons Miscere nitro aqua mixtum uti solutio mundare te. Etiam in motus circularis, in faciem , cum tarde , steterunt II minutes ago novum accende intus stupam cum aqua calida . Vel simpliciter uti nitro mixtum cum aqua et imponi acne cicatrices CONLUO aqua 10-15 minutes deinde expectare donec sanetur.

III . Mel

Humido et sicco non faciet sentire mel eu . Donec elit lectus , et, mel eu .

IV . Aloe Vera

Dividite, aloe vera , et ex parte elastica ( gel ) . Suspendisse gel ut peniculus sursum vestri acne cicatrices . Tunc non amplius indigent lavit aqua. Multum valet ad auxilium continet aloe vera vulnera, ambustis, acne cicatrices.

V . Glaciem cubicae
Cum sociis . Crebri panno fascia pallio a glaciem cubicae et qui involuti glaciem cubicae monstrare acne cicatrices quae in unum facies minuta. Etiam conantur glaciem cube scutras tea frigore . Ergo abolendo glaciem cubicae tuo uti tea acne cicatrices.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tips to repair faulty batteries easily

Accu indeed will eventually damaged . The cause of the damage can vary , ranging from incorrect use up natural damage such as age that it was about time to shred . Well , if your motorcycle battery is damaged , what would you do ? throw it away or sell it ketukang flea ? how to fix the batteries are exhausted in a way that is easy and inexpensive .

But the bottom line , this way is not entirely successful , the success rate depends on the condition of the batteries themselves . If the condition element in the battery is already very fragile , or even a lot of that has to drop out , it is not likely to succeed . By the way here , applies to batteries that are still a bit good condition , there are still elements ( at least not in the fall ) , and the damage just does not want to save the electric current alone .
Accu traits that do not want to store the electrical current is when you use the brake lamp or lamps sent , the light is very dim , and sometimes do not want to flame at all , let alone to start the engine using the starter hand , is clearly a futile act . just , the following trick to fix the worn out batteries and can not store electric current :
Provide first bit of hot water ( above warm but under heat , he ... )

Open all fluid cover the batteries , then remove all the contents. Be careful if you can not get in contact with the skin , because the water batteries can cause considerable itching .
Once drained , add the hot water a little bit . Fill half of it , then close all the holes back to the original cover .
Shake - shake batteries until the water in it changed color to black .

The purpose of shaking the batteries is to discard the results of the remainder of the reaction element attached to the batteries and the batteries in the bottom box . Besides , giving a bit of hot water is working to revive the element that is dead or near death .
If the water that is inside the batteries are too dark and thick , you can discard first , then repeat from step 3 .
Repeat until no impurities reaction results in the accu net (Basic battery box looks without no sediment) If it is clean , then the last step , you can put any kind of water batteries Zuur .

Once done , install the batteries in your bike . But remember , do not directly use your motor to start the engine , but first let stand while the motor is used ( for mejeng and roads are also not a problem ) . It aims to fill the first electric current to the battery . No need for an electrician to mengcharge the batteries .

The steps above apply to all types of wet batteries , motorcycle batteries can , car ( if strong whisk accunya sich , or other accu - batteries ) . But once again all the above is not successful , go back to the batteries . But even if not all of the batteries can be fixed , at least you tried it , so if you can not sell to the Junkman , if so means you keberutungan , from the purchase of new batteries , the more expensive the price bro . Improvements batteries in this way can be preserved for up to 1 year , passable for collecting money to buy new batteries

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Burung memilih bahan bangunan terbaik

burung merupakan salah satu hewan yang digemari oleh manusia untuk dijadikan peliharaan, namun beberapa jenis burung dijadikan objek penelitian. saya percaya bahwa setiap mahluk di ciptakan yang ada di bumi ini memiliki manfaat yang berbeda - beda

Burung dapat belajar untuk memilih bahan bangunan yang terbaik untuk sarang mereka , menurut para ilmuwan .

Itu diperkirakan sebelumnya bahwa pilihan burung ' bahan sarang yang telah ditentukan oleh gen mereka - dengan masing-masing jenis burung memiliki " sarang bawaan template" .

Tapi percobaan sekarang telah menunjukkan hal ini menjadi kegiatan yang lebih kognitif kompleks .

Penelitian ini melibatkan memberikan pipit pilihan floppy dan tali kaku untuk membangun sarang mereka .

Hasilnya diterbitkan dalam jurnal Royal Society Proceedings B.

Lanjutkan membaca cerita utama
Mulai Penawaran

Weaver burung
Ada keragaman besar dari sarang di alam "

Dr Ida Bailey
University of St Andrews
" Kami menemukan bahwa pipit zebra seperti string kaku , " jelas pemimpin peneliti Dr Ida Bailey dari University of St Andrews .

" Ini lebih efisien bagi mereka untuk membangun dengan - mereka dapat membangun sarang dengan bahan yang lebih sedikit . "

Dr Bailey dan rekan-rekannya sedang mencari untuk menguji kemampuan belajar dari burung ; tes mereka bertujuan untuk bekerja jika burung-burung bisa belajar untuk membedakan antara bahan yang didasarkan pada sifat-sifat mereka .

Untuk menguji ini , mereka memberi satu kelompok kutilang fleksibel , floppy string untuk membangun dengan , dan kaku kelompok lain , lebih " struktural terdengar " string .

Kedua kelompok burung yang kemudian ditawarkan pilihan antara string fleksibel dan kaku . Dan burung-burung yang telah dibuat untuk membangun sarang mereka dengan floppy string yang segera memilih bahan bangunan yang lebih kaku .

" Ada perbedaan besar sarang di alam , " kata Dr Bailey . " Beberapa hal yang benar-benar menakjubkan - burung jahitan daun bersama-sama , burung penenun membangun menggantung keranjang .

" Dan karena burung tidak dianggap sepintar orang, yang dapat belajar untuk menggunakan bahan yang berbeda cukup mudah , asumsi bahwa sudah ada template genetik dalam otak burung ' .

"Ini menunjukkan bahwa benar-benar belajar juga sangat penting untuk keputusan mereka . "

Mike Toms dari British Trust for Ornithology mengatakan penelitian membuat banyak akal .

" Ini dapat membantu untuk menjelaskan berbagai bahan yang dapat digunakan oleh individu dari spesies yang sama bersarang di daerah umum yang sama , " katanya kepada BBC News .

" Pengetahuan baru ini tentu meningkatkan rasa hormat saya untuk keterampilan konstruksi burung seperti tit ekor panjang , yang menggunakan ribuan potongan bahan untuk membuat sarang mereka kubah lumut , lumut , spider - jaring dan bulu . "